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Need system reliability and system protection? Now you can have both! Let us show you how.
Bob's Dilemma... Need system reliability and system protection? Now you can have both! Let us show you how.




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Instantaneous – Zone Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI)

Allows multiple layers of large circuit breakers to operate as a system. With small overloads or large faults. Each circuit breaker will only operate when needed and act as back up only when necessary. GE's I-ZSI capability provides the fastest interlocked protection in the industry. You can get instantaneous protection, selectively, regardless of the size of your system or main circuit breaker.

Wave Form Recognition (WFR)

An Instantaneous algorithm allows a feeder circuit breaker (above a panel or MCC that has current limiting fuses or circuit breakers) to be set very sensitive and still provide selectivity while providing instantaneous protection where you need it. What's more, the setting is not dependent on a complex coordination study; it simply depends on the device with which you are trying to be selective.



ArcWatch Capable Products

Evolution* Switchboard
The Evolution Series Switchboard expands the GE switchboard product offering up to 6000A, reduces the footprint on the 5000A, and meets a wider range of code requirements.
Play Video: Evolution Product Video
Entellisys* 5.0 Low-Voltage Switchgear
The Entellisys low-voltage switchgear is a breakthrough in power distribution protection, control, monitoring, diagnostics, and ease-of-use. System functionality is based on synchronized, real-time information from every circuit breaker, simultaneously processed in one place.
AKD-20 Low-Voltage Switchgear
AKD-20 low-voltage switchgear continues the tradition of the AKD switchgear line while delivering enhanced arc flash protection. Built to ANSI standards, its protection features include non-vented panels plus insulated and isolated bus, and it integrates our new state-of-the-art EntelliGuard® breaker-trip unit system. It also features an optimized footprint so that it now fits into a smaller area for the most common configurations.
Evolution Series E9000* Motor Control Center
The Evolution Series E9000® Motor Control Center provides a safe, flexible and centralized means to protect and control motors.
EntelliGuard* G Circuit Breakers
Available in 3- and 4-pole designs rated from 400A to 6000A, with fault interruption ratings up to 200kAIC. It delivers arc flash protection without compromising system reliability (selectivity).
Record Plus* Circuit Breakers
Record Plus molded case circuit breakers offer a new standard of performance: Available up to 600A with interruption capacities up to 200kAIC, global approvals, compact size, dual AC/DC ratings, common internal accessories and a broad range of improved external accessories.
Spectra* RMS Circuit Breakers
Spectra® RMS Molded Case Circuit Breakers (SE150, SF250, SG600 and SK1200) have a digital, solid state, RMS sensing trip system with field installable, front-mounted rating plugs to establish or change the breaker ampere rating.