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Trip Units - EntelliGuard* Manager App

EntelliGuard* Manager App

The GE EntelliGuard Manager App allows intuitive monitoring of the settings & real time values of an EntelliGuard trip unit, wirelessly (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth transmitters) through an Android or iOS mobile device.  This wireless capability reduces operator’s exposure in an arc flash zone and the solution’s ease of use considerably reduces labor hours. The EntelliGuard Manager App is designed for field engineers, installers, and customers who wish to monitor their Trip Unit remotely and intuitively with their mobile device.


Now Available  -  You can download the mobile application from Google Play.  It is also available on iTunes and is available for iPad on iTunes.   


For any comments, questions, or concerns please contact us at

Features and Benefits

  • Real time monitoring: Real time data like current, voltage, power, energy & trip events can be monitored remotely.
  • Product catalog: This gives ability to scan or manually enter the catalog number of the trip unit/cassette/power circuit breaker to get details of the product and its accessories.
  • Multi-lingual: Available in the following languages- English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Offline data viewing:  Data captured from live connection to a Trip Unit can also be viewed later in offline mode.
  • Capture Snapshot: Take a snapshot of all data and waveforms directly from the GTU as well as of the offline data at any point of time in a pdf/excel file and can send via email.
  • Bookmarks: Save your frequently used screens for easy access.


Set-Up Requirements

  • Bluetooth(Android devices only)/Wi-Fi (Android and iOS devices) transmitter.  Refer to “Configuration guide”
  • DB15-DB9 Serial port adaptor for connecting GTU to transmitter


How it Works?   Simple...

  • Connect the transmitter to the front serial port of the Trip Unit using the DB15-Db9 adaptor
  • Connect the mobile device to the transmitter (pairing for Bluetooth & Wi-Fi network for Wi-Fi)
  • Launch the application and connect to the transmitter to receive data


What's Coming...

Elite Version: New release with more features like Edit settings, Compare Snapshots, Waveforms, Time current curves, Harmonics.