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AF-6 Series - Drives
Everything you need is built in

AF-6 Series - Drives

AF-6 Series drives range from 0.25 to 1200kW, each in a compact package, each with a host of built-in features that heighten performance, reduce energy consumption, simplify installation and eliminate the need for many costly add-ons.


With the AF-6 Series, you get a drive already in tune with your application, in the most cost-efficient and space-efficient manner possible.

One family

  • Designed for general purpose applications
  • For both constant and variable torque applications
  • Just one drive series to run an entire production line
  • Broad range: 180W to 1.4 MW, 230 V – 690 V

Designed for lifetime

  • Built-in DC chokes increase the lifetime of the capacitors
  • Conformal coating available

Low operating costs

  • Low energy consumption – up to 98% efficiency 
  • Less energy needed for cooling
  • Automatic Energy Optimizer (AEO) potentially saves up to 5% energy compared to standard drives
  • Low cost of ownership – no periodic maintenance/replacement cost
  • Energy saving up to 40% depending on the application

Product range

  • AF-60 LP™ Micro Drive – up to 22kW
  • AF-600 FP™ Fan & Pump Drive – up to 1200kW
  • AF-650 GP™ General Purpose Drive – up to 1000kW in Heavy Duty

AF6 speed drives range