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Digital soft starters for 3ph standard induction motors


GEs new ASTAT XT solid state soft starter features microprocessor control digital technology. Setup and adjustment is performed through a six-button keypad and parameters or messages are displayed out trough a friendly LCD multilanguage interface with two rows, sixteen alphanumeric characters each.


The design includes isolated I/O and high level of protection in their circuits to minimize the disturbance effects while working in the hardest industrial environment.

ASTAT XT soft starter offers reliable performance and smooth acceleration for a variety of standard AC motors up to 1400A and up to 690V, reducing mechanical shock to the driving system, resulting in extended component and motor life.


ASTAT XT offers many traditional features such a motor overload function, adjustable ramps, current limit, kick start, but also other high end features like Inside-Delta operation, Torque control, Pump control and a reliable motor and unit set of protections.


  • Ratings up to 1400Amps and up to 690VAC
  • Friendly multilanguage interface with two rows, sixteen characters each
  • Built-in with three extra power terminals for external bypass
  • In-Line or Inside-Delta operation modes
  • Torque control and pump control advanced features
  • Motor protection according IEC 10, 20 and NEMA 10, 20, 30, even if ASTAT XT is in bypass
  • Built-in communications RS485 port, and ModBus protocol as standard
  • ProfibusDP and DeviceNet optional interfaces for communications

Technical data

  • Main voltage
    - 3ph AC supply    
    - 230 to 500VAC +10%, -15% for QT1xxx units
    - 460 to 600VAC +10%, -15% for QT2xxx units
    - 690VAC +10%, -15% for QT3xxx units
  • Starter current rating
    - For 3ph AC motors: From 8A up to 1400A.
  • Motor current rating    
    - 3ph Induction motors: Motor rated current from 50% to 100% of starter current
  • Control voltage
    - 1ph AC supply: 230VAC, +10, -15%, 50/60Hz or
    - 110VAC, +10, -15%, 50/60Hz (optional)
  • Frequency range
    - 50/60Hz systems: Wide from 45Hz to 65Hz. Auto-tracking frequency range
  • Digital inputs voltage:
    - 90-230Vac, +10 -15%, 50/60Hz
    - 24Vdc, +10%, -15% (optional)