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Fixwell screwless MCBs

Fixwell screwless MCBs

Fixwell* MCBs and RCCBs are the most recent extension of the Redline range and are developed to reduce time of installation to the absolute minimum.


A toolfree installation with guaranteed reliability from the very first moment by plug & play. A 100% compatibility with all Redline accessories and auxiliaries are the keys of success of this innovative range of MCBs and RCCBs.

Features and benefits

  • Screwless contact
  • Plug-in connection 
  • Terminal contact stability guaranteed
  • Easy to disconnect
  • Plug-in connection with standard pin busbars
  • Standard pin busbars as used for all Redline products

Wij choose Fixwell screwless MCBs ?

  • 100% screwless top cable connection up to 20A
  • 100% screwless bottom plug-in connection for standard GE pin busbars up to 63A
  • 100% toolfree installation
  • 100% reliable and safe
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