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Series GT
Miniature Circuit Breakers

Series GT - Miniature Circuit Breakers

Miniature circuit breakers, or MCBs shortly, protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit.

The Series GT -  MCBs cover a more specific range of short circuit breaking capacities and tripping characteristics for larger residential range of applications and industrial use.


  • 10kA - 25kA
  • Characteristics 3-5In (B), 5-10In (C), 10-20In (D)
  • 1P,  2P, 3P and 4P versions available


Features / Producttypes GT10 GT25
Standards EN/IEC 60947-2
Short circuit breaking capacity (kA) (AC) 10-30 15-100
Tripping characteristics B, C, D
Thermal settings ln (A) 0,5-63
Rated voltage AC Un (V) 240/415
Minimum operating voltage U B min (V) 12
Selectivity class -
Mechanical/electrical endurance 20000/10000
Tropicalisation EN/IEC 60068-2 95%RH at 55°C
Terminal capacity flexible/rigid cable (mm 2 ) 25-35
Poles 1
Weight (g/pole) 120
CE-marking X
Auxiliary contacts yes
Tele U (Undervoltage release) yes
Tele L (Shunt Trip) yes
Tele MP (Motor Operator) yes
PBS (Panel board switch) yes
Busbar system pin (top/bottom) yes/yes
Busbar system fork (top/bottom) -/yes
Accessories yes