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TeleREC 2
TeleREC Top - Automatic reclosing system

TeleREC 2 - TeleREC Top - Automatic reclosing system

TeleREC, the automatic reclosing system for demanding applications. TeleREC ensures power continuity in critical applications.


The TeleREC relay automatically recloses the RCCB after an earth leakage or a manual disconnect. The relay will attempt to re-close 6 times with different time intervals between re-close attempts. After 6 unsuccessful attempts the TeleREC is locked.

TeleREC 2 - Features

Double clips to the DIN-rail
  • Strong fixation to the din-rail throughout
  • Two clips for 2P and 4P version
  • M2 hole to attach a seal or packlock to block access to the RCCB or RCBO in case of works downstream
4 Poles version
  • Changeover contact in 4P RCCB version to indicate the TeleREC 2 status remotely
Transparent windows
  • Transparent windows covering the RCCB following EN 50557 and with a visor to identify the RCCB or RCBO properly

TeleREC 2 - Types

Reclosing system for Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCBs)
  • Type A, Ai, S
Reclosing system for 2P RCBOs - Residual Current Circuit Breakers with Overcurrent Protection (RCBOs)
  • Type A - Characteristic C, B
  • Type Ai - Characteristic C

TeleREC Top - Features

Monitorised control
  • Complete screen, buttons and LEDs to program and visualize the state of the reclosing system
Remote indicators
  • AUX and TRIP status outputs  (voltage-free contacts)
  • The AUX output is a NO contact, which closes when the auxiliary power supply is connected
  • The TRIP output is an alarm output
  • The EXT input (not insulated) enables the switch to be controlled remotely

TeleREC Top - Types

Reclosing system with earth leakage protection for Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs)
  • Characteristic C and B
Also available
  • Series TeleREC Plus - For industrial applications
  • Reclosing system for Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCBs)
TeleRec Plus

The reconnection relay TeleREC can be easily coupled to any RCCB

TeleREC 2  - Automatic reclosing system TeleREC Top - Automatic reclosing system