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SE Rapid Traction Power System DC Switchgear

SE Rapid Traction Power System DC Switchgear

GE's SE Rapid traction power system DC switchgear is a complete power distribution system with feeder protection and control for the DC traction power system in railway transportation.

SE Rapid consists of incoming cubicle, feeder cubicle, negative cubicle, shunt trip cubicle and over voltage limiting cubicle etc.

With the latest US-made digital relay and modern high-speed DC breakers (Gerapid) from GE, SE Rapid satisfies the needs of DC traction power supply for metro and rail transit all over the world.

SE Rapid offers a system solution in a compact and robust framework. It complies with international standards EN50123/IEC60439-1 for switchgear applications

Features and benefits

  • Safety and reliability
  • Reliable protection performance
  • Powerful communication function