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Reducing UPS Cost of Ownership
SG Series UPS
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SG Series UPS Calculator

Reducing UPS Cost of Ownership

Use this tool to see how GE's new eBoost™ technology
can increase UPS efficiency and greatly reduce operating costs.

Enter your UPS System specifications
UPS Module Size (kVA): Electrical Power Cost per $/kW-hr:
Operating Load Point %: # of Modules:
Calculator Assumptions


5 Years up to $26,000   10 Years up to $52,000 ( kVA System)

GE SG Series
with eBoost
Legacy Double
Typical Double
Efficiency of Operation Mode % % %
Total System Energy Cost Year 1 $ $ $
Year 3 $ $ $
Year 5 $ $ $
Year 7 $ $ $
Year 10 $ $ $

Actual savings may vary from the estimated savings.
Estimated savings is not a warranty or representation of savings in any particular case.