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Tools that provide the information you need.
GE Industrial Resources


Tools that provide the information you need.
  • Smart Catalog Center

    Smart Catalog

    GE's new auto-updating catalogs. Once downloaded, instantly access the GE BuyLog and Control Catalogs online or offline. When used online, you will be notified automatically when updates are available for download.

  • Publication Library

    Publication Library

    This online repository contains technical documentation, time current curves, CSI Specifications and promotional literature. You can browse by product or use the search boxes to quickly locate specific information.

  • Video Library

    Video Library

    Watch our videos on products, services, customer interviews, labor and money saving solutions, and more.

  • data visualization

    Data Visualization

    Using data visualization, we're pairing science and design to simplify the complexity and drive a deeper understanding of the context in which we operate.

  • Tools and Calculators

    Tools and Calculators

    Download or access web-based tools developed by GE engineers. They will help you perform a wide variety of important calculations.

  • Buylog: Low and Medium Voltage Components and Equipment

    BuyLog (PDF)

    This PDF version of our BuyLog Includes electrical distribution products ranging from low voltage residential load centers to sophisticated medium and high voltage equipment.

  • Control Catalog: General Purpose Control Components

    Control Catalog (PDF)

    This PDF version of our Control Catalog includes electrical control products ranging from push buttons to NEMA and IEC rated motor starters and more