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Inspection Services
When you need nondestructive testing services…we pass inspection with flying colors
Inspection Services

Inspection Services

Inspection Services

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Inspection Services

Our experienced inspectors are ready to apply a comprehensive portfolio of nondestructive testing methodologies to evaluate your mission-critical assets against the latest regulatory guidelines and recommendations. GE gives you the most clear and current picture possible of your infrastructure, to arm you with the data you need to make informed decisions and prepare reports for regulatory agencies. Without inspection and maintenance, equipment failures can have a major effect on safety, unscheduled outages, and the environment.



GE offers inspection services that help our customers make tough decisions that involve asset maintenance, plant safety, and sustainable growth.


GE combines cutting-edge nondestructive testing technologies with experienced field engineers to provide the analysis you need to choose the most appropriate risk-mitigation path.


Our offerings include:

  • Surveyor™ robots for inline inspection of short non-piggable pipes, including systems with vertical runs and multiple 1.5 dia. radius bends from a single access point
  • 3D laser mapping confirms suspected anomalies with best-in-class forensic tools and specialized mapping and analysis software
  • Guided wave applications scan for metal loss or weaknesses with guided ultrasonic equipment
  • Phased array ultrasonics prevents potential failures from cracks and weld defects by validating ILI crack tool performance
  • Infield tensile property measurement avoids destructive testing with an instrumented indentation technique (IIT)


GE Advantage

GE Industrial Solutions designs Inspection Services offerings around the tough choices that companies face today: balancing cost control and other short-term challenges with the long-term outlook of sustainable growth.


The opportunity to optimize the reliability of your equipment comes from having the confidence in making the right choices first. GE brings truly cutting-edge technology in the hands of certified technicians to reduce downtime and provide the analysis you need, down to the most detailed level of risk assessment available.  




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