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Louisville, KY
Industrial Service Center

Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY

Louisville Service Center, Kentucky
Voluntary Protection Partnership of KYThe Louisville Service Center features state of the art electronic repair specializing in GE Industrial and Power Controls. With access to the global network of GE Service Centers, the Louisville Service Center is truly your total repair solution.
  • Complete repair services on full line including GE printed circuit boards, AC/DC full drives, power controls, and power bridge components
  • ISO 9001 certified facility
  • Certified technicians
  • Over 250 years of combined GE drive experience
  • 18 month edge to edge warranty
  • Over $5MM functional test equipment and fixtures
    - Automated test equipment
    - Full functional and load testing
  • Complete circuit board support
    - Conformal coating
    - Surface mount technology


Video:  Learn more about the services offered at the Louisville Service Center


Circuit Boards and Drives

  • Fully automated test equipment ensures repeatable and reproducible product quality
  • Diagnostic test equipment certified to industry standards
  • Complete, original GE Salem engineering and design information
  • GE designed test fixtures
  • Complete repair solutions
  • Physical, individual board inspection
  • Safe, thorough component cleaning
  • Conformal coating removal workstation
  • Proactive component replacement

Parts and Services

  • Genuine GE replacement parts
  • Remanufacture
     - Recondition
     - Test
     - Repackage
  • Repair and return
  • Exchange

Contact Us

Service Center
240 Production Court
Louisville, KY 40299
P: (502) 493-8000
F: (502) 558-2703