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Tools and Calculators
To help you find the products you need
Tools and Calculators

Tools and Calculators

Tools that provide the information you need.

You can download these useful tools developed by GE engineers. They will help you perform a wide variety of important calculations like energy savings. harmonic distortion load current and a whole lot more.

  • Electrical Distribution

    • AF-600 FP Fan & Pump Drives Calculator

      This quick calculator uses basic information to compute an estimate of energy savings for fan and pump applications.

    • Busway Toolkit: Cable Converter

      Quickly compare the cost of pipe and wire vs. busway.

    • Busway Toolkit: Autobus

      Use this design and engineering tool with your 3-D AutoCAD® software.

    • Energy Savings for a Single Motor Installation

      Energy efficient calculator for centrifugal pumps and fans. Includes calculations for two speed motors.

    • GE Apprentice App: iTunes & Google play

      In the field, on the jobsite or at your office, GE's Apprentice app provides a quick reference to the most common electrical formulas along with easy access to selection tools for transformers, motors, starters and wire sizing at your fingertips.

    • Harmonic Distortion Calculations

      Harmonics calculator for estimating system compliance with IEEE 519. Provides calculations for several alternative harmonic mitigating and filtering designs, including:

      • Line reactors
      • 6, 12 & 18 pulse drives
      • Matrix (band pass) filters
      • Active filters
    • Integrated Switchboard Savings Calculator

      This tool can help you compare the costs of a conventional electrical room with an Integrated Switchboard room.

    • Motor Voltage Drop Calculator

      Calculator that provides voltage drop caused by the starting of motors at the substation transformer primary and secondary leads.

    • Short Circuit and Full Load Current Calculator

      Transformer and short circuit calculator that provides base load current and short circuit currents for identified GE transformers.

    • Solar Carport Calculator

      Get a budgetary estimate of the financial cost and benefits of a solar carport installation including the impact of federal and state incentives.

    • SpectraSeries® Busway "Speculator"

      Spectra Busway calculator that provides electrical and mechanical data for specification purposes based on required characteristics.

    • Ultra Transformer Energy Savings Calculator

      Compare the energy savings of the QL Ultra Efficient Transformer to GE TP-1 or non-TP-1 transformers. See how much you can save for your building over a year and over the next 25 years!

  • Critical Power

    • Digital Power Insight*

      The Digital Power Insight (DPI) software suite along with GE’s latest Digital Point-of-Load (POL) modules and Digital Bus Converters allows customers to communicate with the modules via the PMBus interface without writing any software. With a set of three tools (command line interface based DPI-CLI, a simple, fixed-format graphical user interface DPI-GUI and the full-featured, multi-window ProGUI), the user has a range of user interfaces to match their development and testing needs. 

    • POL Voltage Setting & Tolerance Tool

      Helps designers set the output voltage of POL modules including trim resistor values; worst case static variation in the output voltage for a trim resistor; calculating the values of margining resistors; and selecting the external series resistor to program the output voltage to desired nominal, low and high values. Supports all Austin Lynx*, Lynx II*, TLynx*, DLynx* and NSR/NQR series of POL modules.

    • Power System Designer Tool

      For applications where multiple rails on a board need to be powered, the Power Module Wizard can evaluate different on-board powering architectures and provide a comparison of different approaches. By providing the relative efficiency, cost and board size needed by combinations of modules, including isolated and non-isolated, the user can quickly make the choice that best matches their needs.

    • Tunable Loop* Selection Tool

      The Tunable Loop* helps designers select output capacitors, and values of CTUNE and RTUNE for Tunable Loop* POLs for optimized performance and reduced output capacitance. Supports the TLynx*, DLynx* and NSR/NQR series of POL modules.

    • Power Module Wizard

      A free web-based tool that helps customers select the best GE Critical Power DC/DC module for their on-board powering application.

    • TLE Series UPS Energy Efficiency Calculator

      Select the TLE Series UPS you need and see the estimated cost savings compared to other UPS. 

    • SG Series UPS Energy Efficiency Calculator

      Use this tool to see how GE’s eBoost enabled SG Series can increase efficiency and greatly reduce operating costs.

    • UPS Runtime Calculator

      Calculate battery runtime for single phase UPS products.